Why is it like this?

I know it would seem most sensible that the first thing published to this site (after the landing page) ought to be a gallery or something. However, I thought it would be a good gesture to expand a more personal part of the site and share some of the latest inner workings. I promise, I am still doing art, and there WILL be a gallery.

Specifically, I wanted to share a few thoughts about things like: WHY am I making a static HTML website myself instead of doing something "easy" like using WordPress? WHY don't I just make blog posts on my social media sites like Facebook and Instagram? WHAT does that mean for selling art and prints online? And other questions folks may have!

First: Why is the website like this?

I know, it's not that cute. I learned HTML on MySpace and w3Schools alright? I'm learning.

People may not know this about me, but I am really averse to WordPress and other website building services. I have never found them to be particularly easy to use, and they are too bulky to be particularly customizeable (I am sure it depends on which themes and plugins you pick and how much work you put ito them, but the chore of going through the options, testing them, and populating them with my content is too much to ask from me). If you are security conscious, you may turn off or limit scripts in your web browser, which essentially makes a WordPress/Wix/etc website garbage. Not great for an accessible site in an era of heightening awareness of Internet safety. If a page has too many scripts, some scripts are not working, or otherwise is trying to cram lots of data through your browser, it will slow down your load time. I know that in 2020, I have little patience for a web page that takes longer than a few seconds to load, so I expect other rational people to feel similarly.

Another thing about me as a person: I run Linux systems on my personal computer. I don't even have Windows on my machine. It's not (only) because I'm a snob: the state of the tech world is in some ways really dismal. Everyone should know by now that your computer, your phone, your Internet Service Provider, your phone company (they're usually the same), and your government are monitoring and trying to control everything you do on your computer and how you use the Internet. The extents that one has to go to enjoy a totally private/secure/free internet or computer experience is inconvenient to put it lightly, and not tenable for some. Using Free(Libre) Open Source Software (FOSS/FLOSS) is becoming one easy step to take to gain a bit more safety and control in a computer environment. That's just a tiny intro into a whole tech philosophy which I really recommend researching.

That applies to social media as well. Yes, I'm still using social media to promote myself, but this will be increasingly about directing more traffic to my website. I can't really overstate how much I detest and disagree with the ethics of Facebook and Google (and the other usual suspects like Amazon, which of course cascades into Instagram, Whatsapp, Firefox, Android, and other near-necessities of modern life). I can't abide with creating any more value for a company like Facebook by posting generating traffic.

So all of that is a small rundown of the reasons that for me, right here right now, the most authentic way I can operate is by curating a web presence that is unique, DIY, low-key, and accessible. That means I'm not going to be doing a lot of "hard sells" here either. I have tried that before, I've tried with the marketing and the sales copy and the elaborate tiered Patreon approach. I'm not willing to go there again and, most importantly, I'm not even capable. I am only just finishing cleaning up most of the mess of how I was operating my business 2 years ago which basically drove it into the ground. It would be insulting to the people affected by that to attempt that method again.

I already know that some people think I'm a dope for discarding some "tried and true" branding and marketing methods, but I just have to accept that I'm not a branding and marketing kind of person, that will always be incongruent with me and my entire way of thinking, and it will ALWAYS show. That does not drive sales, it kills your brand because people don't like fake shit. I don't like fake shit! So I will not do it.

Anyway, I would like to lead by example and make the weird DIY counter-culture artist website I want to see in the world. Have you seen the website for Sisters of Mercy? The band?? #Goals. Just saying.

As it says on the landing page (at the time of writing, it will change eventually), my goal here is to keep thing pretty simple. I want to subject innocent residents of the Internet to my weird art, and perhaps subject them to my weird thoughts and moods as well. Thus, the website MUST have both a gallery and a blog post section. The gallery is coming, but I have like 200+ pieces of art to incorporate, so I'm working out the most graceful and efficient way of doing that. It shouldn't take all that long though, as somehow I'm slightly better at doing the website than I was only like 2 years ago.

Thanks for reading, friends!