Friday, July 5 2024

Sensible folks agree: we should kill AI

What can I say? Besides, "AI should die a fast death very soon."

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Monday, February 5 2024

Enshittified Searches Are Literally Worthless

Every search engine is just an ad machine. The ChatGPT-ification of everything is just the final nail in the coffin.

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Monday, November 6 2023

Long Term Mental Health and Medication

Mental health needs change over years, and so do medication side effects. Thoughts about 15-20 years of medication use, especially as pertains to buproprion (Wellbutrin).

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Tuesday, October 10 2023

The RSS is live, baybee!!

It's technically Atom, but people call me a pedant when I get too specific!

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Wednesday, October 4 2023

Are you this kind of customer?

If so, don't be! :) 

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Wednesday, September 6 2023

Leaving Patreon

I closed my Patreon account and am considering other options.

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Saturday, July 8 2023

Social Media Burnout

When, once again, you've just had it up to *here* with mainstream social media and you're ready to just quit! (Again.)

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Monday, April 3 2023

Back at it again with the blog drama

Here I am, messing with blog stuff again. I just don't want to have a shitty blog, OK? So apparently I'd rather have no blog than a blog I don't like LOL.

Anyway I'm trying DotClear again because I found the CSS I thought I lost, and experimenting with some simple themes as well.

I mostly just need some posts up to see how it looks for now.