Welcome to my website!

I'm Daisy, and I make art. I have a website, where I post my art. My goal here is simple: to make a space where you can look at my art and see little pieces of my world in the form of blog-type posts. The navigation at the top of each page will take you around the site. I hope you like what you find, and please follow me on Mastodon and/or subscribe to my blog's RSS feed.

Note that some recent changes are that the social media links/icons have changed. This is because I am limiting my involvement with large social media platforms, primarily Meta products (Facebook, Instagram). I find the business practices of all the major social media companies to be unacceptable on a personal and professional level and while the pages I have on Facebook and Instagram are still up for the moment, they are not being maintained and are not the best ways to stay up-to-date on my content. I have stopped my use of Patreon for similar reasons. (See the blog.)

Exciting News: New Atom Feed!!

There is now an RSS (Atom) feed for the gallery!! I'm so psyched. The blog section has RSS/Atom built in since it's not my own software, but for the rest of the website I needed to manage my own Atom feed. Well, the moment has finally come.

To follow the Atom feed, you only need an RSS reader. Most browsers have extensions for this, and you can also install one on your device (I prefer Akregator on my desktop, and Feeder on mobile). Then to add my feed you just type my website into the add field and you can choose which feeds to follow. Maybe you don't care about the blog and just want the art. Maybe you want art updates, but not for the Rated-R section. Maybe you only want R-rated content, I don't know your life. With RSS readers you can choose.

Note that clicking on the RSS links will download the Atom file instead of subscribing you to anything. You can however also open this file after installing a reader, and it will open the feed in the reader.

In any case, I hope RSS makes more of a comeback as people become disillusioned with the increasingly enshittified social media circuit as it's a great way to keep tabs on content you want to see without having to make new accounts at millions of sites.

watercolor painting of a girl with floating hair and eyes floating out of her face like two balloons, 
            around her are a floating cup and scissors.