Patreon Action

Stuff’s going on at Patreon! But only for patrons of various tiers. Come on over and make a pledge to see some cool content.

I’m sharing on various different tiers depending on the content, which is described under the “rewards” section of the Patreon page. Such content includes works in progress, early access (see completed content before anyone else!), unreleased works (stuff I’ve never shown on the internet!!) and other novel and rare sights! Neato!

When people donate to my Patreon fund, they’re very directly supporting my ability to continue doing the art that I love and to offer more and more cool stuff for fans to enjoy. For as much as one whole dollar (USD) you can take part in supporting me as well!

You can find the page to make a pledge by clicking the button on my home page that says “become a patron,” or just go to this address:

Hope I see you there!!

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