Garbage Goods and Trashion

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about sustainability, or the myth of it. The volume of trash that we are constantly exuding is unfathomable; even environmentally conscious people sometimes have to use prescriptions, our workplaces are throwing away disposable utensils and packaging from shipments, and everyone still buys a bottled beverage of some type. While it’s admirable that you have a cup or thermos to bring to the coffee shop for a meager discount, what happens to that napkin you take along with it? So you or the plastic fork/spoon you get along with your danish? And you might have a travel cup or glass, but do you use a glass or metal straw instead of a the way-too-negligible plastic ones?

Where does the bottle go after there’s no more hand sanitizer in it?

Hint: it goes somewhere

Of course you probably have heard all this before and I hope you agree. Saying it again is beating a dead horse and honestly seems like needless moralizing, since I’m in no way offering a solution that could reduce the Pacific Garbage Patch or fix landfills tomorrow. But every so often I am inspired to make my own small effort to further reduce the waste that passes through my household.

So I’ve been hopping on the trash jewelry bandwagon. I am particularly disturbed by plastic bags, because they are more expensive to recycle than to throw away because the plastic is very low value and the flimsy bags tend to fly around at the slightest provocation, which leads to them clogging up and breaking the machines meant to recycle them. Their effects on the environment are horrifying, since they are very easily swallowed, stuck in, or suffocated by. When analysing the stomach contents of sharks, all were found to contain various types of plastic grocery and garbage bags. If you eat fish, any kind of natural caught fish, you are also eating plastic. Like, 100% you for sure are eating plastic.

So here’s some of my first attempts. They’re not particularly pretty, but they’re my first ones and, well, they’re made from one of the greatest environmental menaces of our time. Lmao.

Two plastic bracelets, each bracelet made of plastic grocery bags.

Bracelets. Kind of cute in that “fuck you I’m making a statement and if you think these are ugly then the whole dang planet is ugly too” sort of way.

A pinky ring made from plastic grocery bags

A pinky ring made from a plastic grocery bag

So that’s that. The People of the Internet are doing some amazing things with this, I can only dream of being on their level. 😍

I hope I can inspire you too to think of ways to reduce waste, especially plastic.

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