What the heck is a Daisy Angst?

Daisy Angst is a condition of life, of being beautiful and full of growth and color, but uncertain about the future and your place in it.

It is the tiny sprout of your natural self that is peaking through the crack in the concrete.

It is seeing something beautiful, pining for it. Wanting to keep it for yourself, but knowing that if you do you will also destroy it.

It is enjoying the pleasures of life as they are, as they happen, without trying to change them or control them or project yourself upon them.

Daisy Angst is me! And Daisy Angst might be you too.

Your life may at times be confusing, chaotic, and complicated, and yet it offers so much joy and pleasure. Our need to understand our world and ourselves often has us feeling stifled, censored, unheard, and unseen. It might make us feel like we're denied the chance to see certain things as well.

But there is relief. You can give yourself permission to be unique, to seek something unique, and to enjoy what you find. You're looking for something out of the ordinary, your curious mind wants to be indulged, and you can indulge its drive to witness the unusual, the psychedelic, the sensual, even the bizarre.

And so you found yourself here, and you've come home. That's what Daisy Angst is all about.

Artist Bio


photo of my face, daisy angst, smiling with green eyeliner and teal/green braces, wearing a choker and a necklace of LGBTQI rainbow stars.

So who am I?

I’m an artist who works mainly with watercolor and ink, and occasionally other tools like alcohol makers, brush and ink, or colored pencil. I enjoy creating surreal imagery, absurdity, cartoons, and erotica of all types.

I'm from Southern California, which has given me an appreciation for contrasts and contradictions: Here I am in the land of Sea World, Hollywood, Disneyland, and some of the best beaches in the world; and still it’s here that I see the cruelty that this dream runs on. Poverty. Drugs. Wage slavery. Class division. Privacy invasion. Racism.

To see the ugliness of society woven into the beautiful landscapes, dazzling cities, and the hopeful people living within it, I acquired an appreciation of bizarre combinations of chaotic themes, cognitive dissonance, and the absurdity of reality.


Where does the art come from?

My work is created with a dark sense of humor, even in my erotic work and my emotional, cynical pieces.

My erotic art speaks to my experience as a queer woman existing at a special time in history where I see so much cognitive dissonance. It's world where people seek pleasure, stimulation, and liberation, and at the same time are possessed by fear and shame which they project onto others with impunity.

I like my work to create a sense of dizziness, confusion, and conflicted feelings. I often mix together spooky and sweet, cute and obscene, and enchantment with comedy. The dualities of life drive me, and considering you’re reading this, they probably drive you too.

My art develops and grows constantly and I have a very diverse style. I work a lot with vibrant contrasting colors and the clash between content and presentation. Sometimes there may be a "deeper meaning" but much of it is meant to be emotional and evocative. It's to bring the viewer to a place of contemplating dualities in life and rationalizing the coexistence ugliness and beauty, or comfort and disquiet.

My erotic work is included in this, and focuses on themes such as women's sexuality, masturbation, private fantasies, queer identities, and the taboo. I am fascinated by the confusing aspects of sexuality and highlighting all the diverse elements that sexual pleasure has to offer. I present pleasure as something innocent, playful, and natural, rather than dangerous and deviant



While I am almost entirely self taught in my craft, I have a lifetime of experience, literally. I've been creating art as far back as I have memories. I get joy out of learning new skills and honing my techniques, so my work is only getting better and better.

I have exhibited at art shows, conventions, and exhibitions, including these listed here and more to come in the future!


  • Riverside Arts Walk
  • Artists Roots Collective's Art After Dark
  • Daisy Angst Teddy Cuddles Pajama Party at New Profanity
  • Anizona Anime Convention in Arizona
  • SMUT Erotic Art Show at Sanctuary LA
  • LA Fetish Film Festival