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A lot of the content on the rest of this site is sexually explicit, not safe for work, inflammatory, or generally angsty. Some of the work might contain content that is triggering and unsettling, such as teddybears and candy used in erotic images, anti-racist propaganda, and images depicting unpleasant states of mind.

Please use discretion when viewing other pages on the site. And thank you for visiting!

Daisy Angst art show and pajama party at New Profanity! May 20th 2017 (05/20/17) 8pm-11pm, Los Angeles

"DAISY ANGST ART SHOW May 20!!! Don't sleep on the next big artist! Daisy Angst's erotic art is like a warm blanket that makes you want to sleep late on a Saturday afternoon! So come celebrate her with us and don't forget to wear your jammies!!!"

I'm so excited to share that I'm having a solo art show at the glamorous New Profanity in Los Angeles!

Come see my cute, playful, sensual erotic artwork, hang out, enjoy some live music, and pick up some fun merchandise like posters and coloring books!

8pm - 11pm, Saturday May 20th

7418 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046



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